What would you answer the following questions?

Are your clients asking for self-study materials?

Would you like to offer videos, webinars and other self-study materials,
but you are lackingthe learning environment?

Do you need marketplace where you can share your customer-specific materials and sell your trainings?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above – myTalentia is your answer!
mytalentia provides the services you need with flexible pricing.

There are two ways to go

Way 1: Do all by yourself

Building your own learning environment and marketplace requires knowledge, time and money. And when everything is done can your customers find you and purchase your courses?

Way 2: Use myTalentia services

myTalentia already includes all the services you need for selling and building courses online.

For a monthly fee you get a learning environment and a marketplace to sell courses and share customer-specific materials.

Best tips for digitalizing educational materials

  • Entry-level tests
  • Professional videos
  • Webinars
  • Exercises
  • Achievements
  • Final tests

We help you digitalize training materials

Courses and trainings can be built in many ways. We will help you choose the best alternatives and implementations for your purposes. 

Let’s plan together how your classroom materials or other trainings can be digitalized!

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