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Why Doninto?

Do you sometimes feel that there is very little joy at your workplace, that the overall atmosphere is negative? Are people complaining a lot? Have you ever dreamt of renewing your work life, finding more intrinsic motivation, fun and engagement at work? If your answer is yes even to one of these questions I think you might want to read this.

Especially in large organizations it can be sometimes hard to convince the leaders to do something to bring joy back to work. And even if they would be willing to do so, it might be challenging to find a suitable and efficient partner to implement the necessary change. Development projects often get puffed up and then dry out and the weekdays look the same again.

What if you could do something yourself?

By becoming a Doninto Agent you will receive secret missions, first easy and simple and gradually more complex ones.

The Goal of a Doninto Agent

The goal of these missions is to add more joy to worklife, both to you and others. The more profound and deep goal is to add the sense of meaningfullness, engagement, intrinsic motivation and the level of psychological safety in your team and organization. A Doninto Agent needs good situational awareness and an empathetic approach in completing the missions to avoid unnecessary awkward or scary situations.

Be a Doninto Agent!

”Be the change you wish to see in the world!”
–  Mahatma Gandhi

You will not regret your choice! As soon as you have decided to change things, they will eventually change, when you are persistent and resilient in your agent work! Be the Change Agent of Doninto!

Recruit othes

If you succeed to recruit even a small team to join you to form a ”Trojan horse” inside your organization and you record the results carefully, you will gain evidence material to prove the change you implemented with completing the missions. Then you can present the results to your management team and suggest your whole organization would join the Quest.

Doninto mission

The goal of these missions is to develop the communiation culture of your workplace by changing small things in your own behaviour and infecting others with the viruses of joy and recruiting gradually more agents to help you. Mission by mission you learn new tools to make your workdays more joyoys! When the virus has been spread enough to induce change in sufficient amount of small groups and teams there is nothing that can stop the change in your organizations culture in large scale!

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